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Thursday, March 03, 2016

4 maret 2016

Join the Biggest and Most Important Rendering
Competition of 2016

Nearly 800 people have registered in the last week! If you have not yet registered or started your entry, there are 95 days left to submit!

Nearly a century ago Sir John Soane’s treasured Bank of England was destroyed – described by some as the greatest architectural crime of the 20th century. It was his life’s work. Soane’s spectacular use of natural light and mesmerizing effects of scale not only revolutionized the architecture world but his work also culminated in him being knighted by King William IV.

image courtesy by cgarchitect

We invite you to join the mission to recreate this lost masterpiece and reinvent the way the world can experience history. Participants in this historic rendering competition will have the chance to win almost $30,000 of great prizes, including a fully-loaded HP Z840 Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro M6000 professional graphics.  

image courtesy by cgarchitect

Perumahan modern minimalis di kota makassar
Perumahan modern minimalis di gowa sulawesi selatan


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