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Friday, February 05, 2016

6 februari 2016

The Indonesian Peat Prize launched in Jakarta today as part of the Indonesian Climate Festival. The Head of BIG, Priyadi Kardono, representing the Host of the Prize and the Director of WRI Indonesia, Tjokorda Nirarta Samadhi, representing the Prize administrator, attended the event. A successful prize will identify a transparent, credible and location-agnostic methodology for mapping Indonesian peatland extent and thickness. Along with their invaluable contributions to establishing a national standard for mapping peatlands, a $1 million prize purse will be awarded to the winning team.

indonesian peat prize

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are also stewards of an incredible hidden natural resource: the largest peat swamp forest in the world. These vital lands play a critical role in biodiversity and climate regulation. They are also in high demand by a number of stakeholders—including government, local communities and commercial-scale agriculture—resulting in rapidly degraded peatlands that release large stores of carbon dioxide into the air. To address this challenge, we need to transform how we manage peatlands. The first step: to quickly and accurately map our peatlands. Mapping our peatlands will give us the information we need to manage them efficiently and effectively. 

By working together. The Indonesian Peat Prize is an ambitious, collaborative prize to find a new, more accurate, faster way of mapping extent and thickness of our peatlands so we can manage them for the benefit of all. We’re bringing the ingenuity, collaboration, and imagination of all of Indonesia—and the entire world—together on one of the great challenges of our age. Join us. Together, we can map a way forward—not just for Indonesia, but for the world.


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